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Russia, goodbye! World brands are leaving the Russian market!

More than 70 global companies have protested Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine and stopped working with the aggressor.

Went out and out:

👍 Apple, Audi, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Coca Cola, Danone, Dell, DHL, Ericsson, Ford, HP, Harley Davidson, General Motors, Jaguar, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Maersk (goodbye Ali express and ASOS), Nike, Scania, Porsche, Renault, OnlyFans, AMD, Adobe, BMW, Dropbox (for a few days), FedEx, Intel, Mercedes, Nestle

Russia was banned:
👍 Apple Pay, Amazon, Cex Io, Etsy, Facebook (ban accounts of a Russian media), Google Pay, Google Maps, Instagram (block of propaganda), Paysera, Samsung pay

Russia’s participation was canceled:
👍 Cannes Festival, Eurovision, Formula 1, FIFA, MOK, Mobile World Congress, NHL

Adidas refused to work with the national football team

Stop broadcasting or unavailable:
👍 BBC, Cinema 4D, Disney, Netflix, Sony, Pornhub, Paramount

International payment systems have imposed restrictions:
👍 Mastercard, PayPal



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