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Message from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 03.03.2022

❗️About air strikes: “Missile and bomb strikes on Ukrainian cities are an admission that they could not do anything significant on our land … Chernihiv, Sumy, Nikolaev hold the defense. Odessa. They want to destroy our Odessa, but they will only see the bottom of the Black Sea.”

❗️Ukrainians who lost their jobs due to the war will receive 6.5 thousand hryvnias from the state.

❗️Even if you destroy all our cathedrals and churches, you will not destroy our faith – in Ukraine with God, with people. We will restore every house, every street and every city. You will compensate us for everything you have done against the state and every Ukrainian.

❗️Remember, atheists, when millions of people curse, you have nothing to save yourself with

❗️ To the Russians: Learn the word “reparations” and “indemnities”, you compensate everything that you did against our country, against every Ukrainian in full, and we will not forget those who died!!!



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